by Filip Zuan
by Filip Zuan



#allaboutmtb - that's me - Dave Spielmann from beautiful Graubünden, Switzerland. 


Until 2022 I was a full-time professional bike guide and coach, guide trainer, content producer, media manager and enthusiastic mountain biker.


Now I moved on to focus my work to balance it better with family, friends and life in general.

My passion for guiding and coaching will remain and I will work on some projects in the future. 


Overall I'm a Mountainbike Entrepreneur since 2014.




- Born in 1984

- Grown up in Davos

- Learned many lessons working in a hotel

- Was very seriously injured in 2000

- Have studied economics

- Worked in the financial industry 

- Found my passion for mountain biking

- Expert & senior instructor Swiss Cycling Guide

- Member of the Board graubündenBIKE-GUIDE

- Core guide team H+I Adventures

- Co-Owner Bike School Engadin

- CEO IMBA Schweiz

- Event & Partnership Manager for SPECIALIZED Switzerland

- June 2023 onwards Schweiz Mobil Compentence Center Mountainbike Switzerland



Since March 2022 #iamspecialized 

From 2015 until 2022 I was supported by the following brands and organisations. Thank you very much for all the support and love.

Blue blood!

I ride with XT, XTR and SAINT products in a very carefully chosen combo. 



What a tradition, what a story?! Highest quality, best functionality and simple style! What more do you want?



Best supension products in the market for me! X2 and 36er in use. GRIP 2 is amazing.




The IMPALA MIPS is my choice. It is a perfect fit for me, but I hope I won’t need to put it to a test any time soon.



German quality at its best. I love my GD1's, the new SME3 and all their back bag's.



High quality and nothing less. The new MTB stem and 35mm handlebars are my favorites.



Textil spokes at its best - different & better! In Switzerland call up SCAR CYCLES to test it!



Very happy for all the support reveived as an ambassador for them and to be part of the family.



2018 - 2022! My weapon of choice was the SB150. Swiss Support via TST-TRADING.



Bruno Bolliger was the first supporter I had within Moutainbiking. Very, very gratefull for all the support I received. 



the day - by Filip Zuan
the day - by Filip Zuan