Hi, it's me - Dave Spielmann from beautiful Graubünden, Switzerland.



I'm a full professional bike guide, guide instructor, content producer, media manager and enthuastic mountain biker. 



and here is:

_this is my personal platform to share the range of activities, partnerships and experiences in the mountain bike and tourism industry 


_this is a way for me to share my passion and to show the variety of possibilities, aiming for the common benefit of a growing network


_at the end of the day it’s all about building a #network and creating #experiences to get the most out of every project  


_I am looking forward to opening new doors, exploring new grounds and going beyond limits

no explanation needed!

riding XT, XTR and SAINT products


best products in the market for me!

X2 and 36er (GRIP 2 is fck.. great)


tradition, highest quality,

best functionality and simple style!

what more do you want?


the all new IMPALA MIPS is my choice.

I hope I do not need it :-)


love my GD1's and for my ass the SME3 and all of their backbag's


high quality and nothing less.

So many usefull products to use!

stem, handlebars & much more


happy to work as their ambassador and be part of the #fumofamily

excellent support in servicing and finding solutions for my bikes! #bestmechanic

allabout wheels

MK Flow with DTSWISS 240s

and Carbon HOOPS RIMS

from my friends from TRAIL SUPPLY

since 2018 on this great frames

SB5.5 and SB150  rider

with local support from TST-TRADING



+41 79 335 53 09